This website is dedicated to my father, JP Miller, who’s powerful and enduring story about the disease of alcoholism and it’s impact on the lives of two young lovers has positively impacted the lives of millions of people worldwide.

A star on Hollywood’s legendary Walk of Fame will help to ensure the legacy of Days of Wine and Roses has a permanent place for fans and devotees to enjoy and to serve as a reminder of the ability of great storytelling to change lives.

The proceeds generated from this website will be used to cover the substantial fee charged by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for the Star IF I am successful in getting his nomination approved. A small portion of these proceeds will be used to administer and support this website and other efforts to achieve a successful nomination.

If a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for JP Miller is approved installation will take place in 2014 at a public ceremony. It is my hope that the installation event and associated publicity will help to generate increased interest in his powerful story and in the disease of alcoholism as well as the extraordinary efforts by Alcoholics Anonymous and it’s worldwide membership to help all alcoholics achieve and maintain sobriety.